January, 2010

Yoda was right: there is no try, only do

Five yoga tricks1. Stand on your head.2. Balance your body perpendicular to the floor, standing on one leg.3. Sit cross-legged for half an hour, motionless. Ignore any discomfort.4. Transform pain into simply sensation.5. Raise energy from the base of your spine out the top of your head. What they all have in commonYoda. The idea…

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yoga for pain relief

Did you know chronic pain is often, a lot of the time, not even related to anything causing actual physical pain? I didn’t. Here’s what else I didn’t know, but Kelly McGonigal, (Ph.D.–don’tchaknow–and RYT), author of Yoga for Pain Relief does:– chronic pain is a learned, overprotective body-mind response– the mind and body amplify your…

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life: waiting patiently

Your life is waiting for youin the moments outside of your routine~ SARK RELATEDcrazy people change the worldthe future belongs to you

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the unemotional yogi: master or myth?

Emotions and Yoga: BFFs or Enemies?“It is not a great thing to feel nothing. I know there are so-called yogis, gurus, and masters out there who shrug and say, “It doesn’t matter,” who can do things like get into and out of a relationship with no feeling…but this does not mean enlightenment. This means they…

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smile super power

So what is it about the power of a smile? I’m pondering this a lot lately. There’s something to the universality of the expression. It’s understood, as far as I know, across cultures, across the world. It’s everlasting as a silent way to convey happiness. But here’s what else I think a smile can say:…

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it’s so beautiful [avril lavigne video]

it’s a state of bliss you think you’re dreamingits a happiness inside that you’re feelingit’s so beautifulit makes you want to cry~ Avril Lavigne(wiser than she knows?) RELATEDlove poem: radical acceptancejai uttal and mc yogi: kirtan jamming

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year of anti-have it all

It is now official that women who look as if they have it all sorted are 75 times more unhappy (see Elin Woods) than those who stumble through life with unwaxed legs and a handbagful of leaking Biros. Let this be the year of the anti have-it-all. ~ Shane Watson, TimesOnline RELATED2010: year of letting…

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just do it: getting off the roller coaster

There’s been a lot of talk among everyone I interact with lately about roller coasters. As in “my life is a roller coaster.” Anything at all can be labeled as the cause: work, school, love life (or lack of it), family, friends–whatever it is, it’s perceived to be packing super highs and super lows. Full…

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jai uttal and mc yogi kirtan jamming [video]

RELATEDgaura vani on kids, the cry of the soul

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Rachel McAdams in VOGUE: Kundalini yoga every morning [video]

http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9/8558003001?isVid=1&publisherID=1568114478 It always seemed like there was just something a bit more about her. Ms. adorable Rachel McAdams, of Notebook and Mean Girls fame, tells VOGUE mag that she starts every day with Kundalini yoga. She also prefers to spend her money “on experiences, on meals or travel”, rather than “things.” “McAdams practices Kundalini yoga…

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