November, 2009

the future belongs to you

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yoga teacher Mark Whitwell: the world does not need meditation [video]

Mark Whitwell came to Semperviva, which he does, once a year, and I went to the Sunday portion of his weekend of workshops. Here’s some of the gems from this often surprising, always inspiring yogi. On happiness:The looking for happiness is an unhappy activity.My teacher said, “If you’ve never known happiness, you’ll never be unhappy.”…

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Enstein: details and God

“I’m not concerned about the detailsI just want to know: How does God think?”– Enstein

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love poem: radical acceptance

Here’s something I’ve never done before: shared some of my writing. But it felt like I should, and when my heart speaks, I’m powerless to do anything but listen. This is what I’m practicing: Radical AcceptanceFor himI have lain down Shone the light into the groundSeen below the resistance and strifeThe fears–yes, fears–of sharing my…

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Clint Eastwood: the gun-slinging yogi

It’s true. I didn’t make it up. Straight from the manly man’s mouth (via sawf news), who meditates twice a day: “It works great,” Eastwood says. “Because it just gives you a chance togather your thoughts.” “I’m religious about it when I’m working.” And while he works up a sweat on the elliptical trainer for…

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thoughts on manifesting: schmanifesting

This is what I’m wondering: Is there a point in taking time to send positive, loving, hopefully-manifesting thoughts in a certain direction? Or is the power in recognizing, and catching ourselves out of, negative, “can’t do it” thoughts? Is the power in staying on top of our mind, in recognizing it’s just a tool for…

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trevor hall: unity over reason

no more you and meno more they and wejust unity RELATEDnamaste = “howdy” in sanskrit

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meltdown: real life = real yoga test

So here’s what I think about living as a modern-day yogi: it’s a helluva lot harder than being an ancient-day yogi. Yup, being a “householder” as Yogi Bhajan called us, really ups the risk of losing our yoga. This week, my internet modem broke down. One minute I’m working away, racing through client projects, ticking…

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create, overcome, endure, be greater than


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yoga artist management agency: who’s on the list

The inside scoop on who else is on the list of yogis being managed by the new Yoga Artist Management Agency has to do with this picture:

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