September, 2009

inspiration: create and destroy

Remember nothing is created or destroyed,it just changes form.~ Eion Finn

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help! i’ve lost my yoga and I can’t get up

Lately I’ve been feeling “very full”. These are terms I’m using instead of “very busy”. Because words are powerful, and “very busy” makes me feel a very stressed. But very full makes me feel like my cup runneth over. And the newness that has filled me up–a part-time probably leading to full time communications gig…

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our man max strom: best breath

One of my favourite Hatha teachers. Here’s what he says:“It’s our gift to others to heal ourselves.” He’s the best for breath. [youtube] RELATEDBreath: Get Out of the Way

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suffering’s for suckers?

“It appears that our sufferings, our agonies and frustrations are not so much due to the circumstances of life, but more to the responses of our mind.”~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati RELATEDThe Mind Creates The Body

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