September, 2009

review: Yoga Nidra from Hypnosis Downloads

I suppose if things start to feel really crazy, and your mind just absolutely can’t slow down, you might actually want to get that knocked out kinda feeling. As in, whammo, you’re down for the count. Ahhh, finally. I don’t know much about hypnosis, other than having watched a few classmates at my grade 12…

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inspiration: how to get rich

A Kundalini yoga student/teacher-in-training passed this my way in one of my classes the other day. How to Get Rich1. Make more2. Want less RELATEDuncertainty rocks

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take-away yoga: namaste = “howdy” in sanskrit

I like to start a lot of my classes in “the spirit of yogic union and Namaste” by asking everyone to just take a look at the people sharing the space around them and give them a wave. Smiles are bonus points–you always get one back. In the first instance that a newbie to my…

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soda so good: steaz takes the taste-test

I don’t even like carbonated drinks, but sweet, cold, organic thirst quenchers? Bring ’em on. I’m digging Steaz for five reasons:1. Organic cane juice–not high-fructose syrup2. Ceylon green tea–lots of benefits3. USDA certified, fair trade certified, and Kosher certified4. Recently named Best Tea of 2008 and Best Organic Product of 2008 by BevNet; and Women’s…

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Jay-Z Wants Yoga Lessons from Chris Martin

This is funny: apparently, Jay-Z wants yoga lessons from Chris Martin, because he wants to be able to bust an uber smooth move on-stage, like the Coldplay front-runner. I remember when I saw Coldplay in concert, years ago, I turned to my buddy and said, “He definitely does yoga.” I love this song. RELATEDDesigner Donna…

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rise up

every challengeis an opportunityto rise up~ me RELATEDYoga Block Rockin’ Beats

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help received: lost yoga, got up

Ask and you will receive. Isn’t it amazing that so often, just by asking the question, the answer will come to you from your own self? I had some pretty sweet insights into the whole “lost yoga” thang come into my mind after writing the post. And some beautiful people (big hugs to healer Dennis…

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Top 50 Yoga Blogs

I’m honoured. Joy Yoga’s been voted one of the Top 50 Yoga Blogs, under the category Understanding Yoga: Wondering What the Hype is All About?

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NEW Kundalini yoga class at Semperviva Yoga

Yayyyyyy! I’m officially teaching Kundalini Yoga every week at Semperviva Yoga. When: Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 amWhere: Semperviva Sky Studio What do we do? Check ‘er out: Yoga is Boring from Joy Yoga on Vimeo.

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YI: high street yogi: live your yoga

Barbara KosciewiczHigh Street Yoga and WellnessYoga Style: Hatha A mom with a passion for yoga, wellness and healing, Barbara’s journey into yoga began while she was pregnant with her middle son and has evolved into a “life-work that is like no other job.” Her approach encourages students to take what they learn off the mat…

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