March, 2009

learnings: stinky but sweet

What the Nose KnowsHis smell comes first; my nose knows he’s near before I see him. It’s a combination of cigarettes, sweat, and plain ol’ dirt. I don’t know where he comes from, or where he sleeps at night, but nearly every morning on my walk he’s there: limp, greasy, dark hair and beard framing…

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inspiration: trust


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Updated Yoga Class Schedule

Here I am.As of September 15, 2009. Thursdays9:30-10:45 am KundaliniLocation: Semperviva Sky CentreTrafalgar and West Broadway, Kitsilanoenter through Greens & Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant 7-8:15 pm, HathaLocation: Semperviva Sun CentreTrafalgar and West Broadway, Kitsilanosame building as the Lifestyle Store Saturdays4-5:15 pm, HathaLocation: Semperviva Sun CentreTrafalgar and West Broadway, Kitsilano

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Free Kundalini Yoga

I’m so excited! I’ve finally scored a permanent Kundalini class! It’s going to be every Wednesday, starting April 8th, from 9:30-10:45 am at the beautiful Exhale Studio in tres chic Yaletown. It’s super easy to get here by bus, and a fun neighbourhood to people watch and window shop. The first class, on April 8th,…

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Blissful Body Yoga’s Teal Chimblo Fryberg on Gratitude and Stirring Shakti

Owner/Instructor Blissful Body YogaTeal’s been teaching since 1998 and truly loves it more everyday. This year, she started several projects: two blogs, Blissful Body, on yoga; and another, Daily Gratitude, that focuses on gratitude and mindfulness; and four meditations and yoga classes that are available on Yoga Style My teaching is a mixture of…

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kundalini yoga queen’s 40 days to liberation

Here she is: Ms. America! Teacher to the stars. Lady in white. Cindy Crawford loves her. So does David Duchovny, REM, and oh, about every other start out there. She floats in, gets you to push your boundaries, and find the peace, the happiness, the total contentment, in your life. I’m doing her 40-Day Mediation…

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online yoga guides: pose videos and guided meditation

No time to head to the studio? Two fantastic resources for at-home Ommmm help: 1. Yogamates online video guides to poses–much more enlightening than pics and words. 2. Suuuuper relaxing guided meditation, all the way from Australia.

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yoga: nearly illegal fun?

this is the most funwe can have legally– Douglas Knight, President, St. Joseph Media Good ol’ Doug was riffing off the high people in the magazine industry get from being feted, going to big bashes, and generally being treated like VIPs.It dawned on me that actually, this quote works much better when riffing off the…

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yogi-writer entrepreneur Sandy Pradas: can you say vacation?

Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, WriterYOGA STYLE Kripalu Sandy’s a yogi who loves sharing this incredible path with others. Yoga has changed her life, helping her to be more open, loving, and at peace with what is. Sandy wants everyone to be able to experience that. She teaches local classes and workshops, plus organizes unique yoga vacations…

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yoga: what the heck is it?

An intro, overview and kinda summation of this huge practice yogis consider life, courtesy What is Yoga?Yoga began in India about 5,000 years ago as a way to work the mind, body and spirit together as one. Since then, several studies have shown an active yoga lifestyle can help treat dozens of conditions including…

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