February, 2009

TranquiliT Yoga Lifestyle Wear: Eco-Chic, Anais Nin

Green–as in eco-chic–is the new black.It’s the not-so-new catch phrase on every stylista’s lips (or is it recessionista?). Hip Tranquil Chick Kimberly Wilson‘s new green spring pieces for TranquiliT come together in a bloom-themed collection inspired by this saying, from avant–garde writer Anais Nin: “and the day came when the risk to remain tight in…

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Florian Yoga’s Deborah Bernstein: the Caribbean, Non-Violent Communication and Pema Chodron

Yoga Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur, WriterYoga Styles Vinyasa, Viniyoga, Yin You recently released the book, Yoga in America, where you interviewed various yogis. What common thread did you find in their thoughts on yoga?Yoga in America is a compilation of yoga teachers’ writings from around the United States. Each of the 46 writers who contributed to…

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Top 10 Ayur Veda Tips From Vida Wellness Spa Director of Education and Training

Get Your ZzzzsGo to bed by 10 pm. Mom said it. Sleep research scientists say it. Apparently it’s taking us humans over 1000 years to get the message. Ayur Veda practitioners and doctors have been saying it since, well, way before Mom and modern science. It’s the oldest health system in the world. Go to…

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How Balanced Are You? Yoga For Finding Freedom

Finding BalanceBalanced living? Oh, sure, yup, I mean, of course. I take all the time I need to rest and rejuvenate and stay calm and peaceful and happy and sleeping well and eating well and spending time with my soul man and seeing friends and staying connected with my family and keeping my apartment neat…

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Yoga Inspiration: Us Against the World

our impression of the worldis a direct reflectionof how much we like ourselves the way we treat the ones we loveis a direct reflectionof how much we love ourselves I’m not sure who first shared these thoughts, but their message has been popping up in my life over and over for the past few weeks….

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Eco-Yogini Lisa Spinney on Eco-Holism and Hot Baths

Speech-Language Pathologist, YoginiA passionate, opinionated and sensitive eco-yogini and writer, Lisa loves to play the guitar and sing. She also reads voraciously. Her goal for this year is to perform at a local coffee shop in Halifax, Canada. Lisa also treats preschool children who have expressive and receptive language delays and multiple needs/diagnoses. Her goal:…

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Book Review: Breathing Space by Yoga Teachers Katrina Repka and Alan Finger

Years ago, Katrina Repka launched out of her stereotypical, suffocating life in Calgary, Canada and landed in New York. There she found yogi Alan Finger of Ishta Yoga. Katrina’s new book, Breathing Space ($17.95), tells the tales of how his teaching, and especially pranayama exercises, let her let go of old, debilitating habits and become…

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Green Man USB Drive Does Impossible Yoga

Here’s a funny little useful gizmo that gave me the giggles. The Green Man USB drive ($31) can hold a meditation pose while holding his 2GB data-head in his hands. PLUS: Yoga is Boring: Intro to Kundalini Yoga this Sunday Watch the demo video! If you liked this post you might enjoy:Not Just Stuff: Eco-friendly,…

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Yoga for Stress and Anxiety: Balasana

Anxiety and MeHere’s my big secret: I’ve got anxiety. Not the “Oh dahling, would you hand me my pills?” kind as I languish in my king-sized Cherry Wood, four-post bed. Not the “Gee, I feel a bit nervous” kind. The kind that keeps tabs on your life and, just when you think you’ve really hit…

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Inspiration: Threatened or Heartened?

don’t allow yourself to be threatened by someone,but rather be heartened by their existence.– Richard E. Goldman, Luck by Design PLUS: Yoga for the Office Online VideosIf you liked this post you might enjoy:Inspiration: An Eye for an EyeInspiration: Unfold Your Own Myth

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