December, 2008

Top 10 Most Popular Yoga DVDs

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;Not Just StuffWondering which yoga DVD is right for you? Sympatico/MSN’s been keeping track. Their shoppers are buying up:Yoga Sculpting: Yoga ZoneYoga Zone: Evening Stress Release For BeginnersYoga Journal’s Yoga For Back CareYoga For Urban LivingYoga Zone: Strengthen and ToneYoga Dance: Fire: Fat Burning and Weight LossYoga Kids 2: ABCsYoga Kids: Ages 3-6Yoga…

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South African Prisoners Embrace Yoga

Healthy, Happy: South African prisoners embrace yoga addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’; By Andrew Walker BBC News, JohannesburgThe prisoners at Groenpunt Maximum Security prison in Free State province are among the most violent in South Africa. They have raped, murdered, smuggled drugs or abused children. Many are HIV-positive and can expect to die in jail. Inside prison…

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Inspiration: Setbacks

“Life is full of setbacks.” Yup, this is from the Lululemon bag. But I wanted to put it up here under ‘Inspiration’ because I find that if I try to remember this, then the setbacks don’t seem like such a huge deal–just a part of life. If you liked this post you might enjoyInspiration: Unfold…

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Newsworthy: Snow in the City, Smiles in the City

Newsworthy It’s beautiful. Peaceful. Soothing. Irritating. Dangerous. Powerful. It’s snow. And it’s getting all kinds of bad press. But at my parent’s for the past few days over the holidays, I’ve noticed something lovely. Camaraderie. Snow brings it out in people. It might keep more of is inside when it’s dumping down and freezing cold,…

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Christmas Cockatoo Dance

My neighbour sent this to me as a Christmas card. It’ll make you laugh, for sure–and since Christmas is all about joy, I figured it was the perfect post for the last one before Christmas. Merry Christmas everybody! Love Lindsey If you liked this post you might enjoy:Kids for Love, Peace and Freedom

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Yoga On The Go: Free Online Yoga Classes

Free Yoga OnlineIt’s almost time for the last post before Christmas. As friends and students drive or jet off to see family, and studios lighten the class load being offered, I’ve had quite a few requests for at-home yoga flows. So here we are; a few options for keeping the love going while you, or…

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Inspiration: Unfold Your Own Myth

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;Unfold your own myth,without complicated explanation,so everyone understands the passage…Your legs will get heavyand tired. Then comes a momentof feeling the wings you’ve grown,lifting.–Rumi If you liked this post you might enjoy:Inspiration: NatureInspiration: The Reality of Dream

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Home For The Holidays: Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Cool

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;Holiday Helper“I don’t know exactly how it happens,” my friend, a yoga teacher, said, “But when I go home for the holidays, I lose it. I lose the person I usually am when I’m not there. I get cranky, stressed, argumentative….what’s the deal with that?” All I could do was nod. It happens…

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Thinking Like Crazy For Peace in Meditation

Maxed Out MorningsMornings are made for making the best of. (I can already here a few of my friends groan and reply “No, they are made for taking rest–as in sleeping in”.) But I just can’t do it; sleep in, that is. I adore this peaceful time of day, when the air is fresh, the…

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Natasha of Transformative Wellness: Alkaline and Acid Food, Flushing Stress

Yoga Insider: Natasha GrbichNatasha’s path is set to explore the alternative healing fields. She believes health and happiness are intrinsically connected and that Traditional Chinese medicine and Yoga are an incredible combination, enabling many ways for living in balance. She also digs being in nature—anything to get outside.Position/Role Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist, Yoga InstructorCompany Transformative…

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