November, 2008

Keep Out the Cold With Comforting Chai

The rain is dumping down. It’s definitely a rubber-boot day here in Vancouver (surprise!). My fave warm-up-and-get-cozy cure for the damp, wet, cold? Chai. Here’s a recipe very close to the one I make, from –though I cheat and don’t crush the spice mix–just throw ’em in whole and strain ’em out. Chai 1….

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Get High, With Breathing Exercises

Take-Away Tip (excerpted from my article on Pranayama Pra = moving Na = always Prana = energy, or life force Yama = to restrain or control Big on BreathIn yoga, we’re big on breathing. Really breathing. None of this shallow, chest- or throat-breath most of us stick to throughout the day. Long, deep inhales…

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Moving Like Mario Andretti? How Taking a Seat Calms You Down

Take-Away TipOn the MatAt the beginning of class, we often sit. We just sit. (Snooze. Yeah, this is one of the reasons some people think yoga is booooooring ;) But we don’t stay there forever. Just long enough to calm down. Thing is, our inner state is heavily influenced by our outer state. In other…

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Yoga Insider: Diane Cesa of It’s All About Yoga

About DianeAn optimist who lives according to her own heart’s dictates, Diane Cesa enjoys pushing her edges, experiencing new things, and keeping an open mind about the adventure of life; she strives to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, Diane doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all yoga. Position/Role(s) Yoga teacher and therapist,…

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Inspiration: Nature

Nature does not hurry, yeteverything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu

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Learnings: Feelin’ blue? Shake Your Booty

This may be old news for most people, but it just really hit home for me. I was in a funk, caught up in an emotional reaction. I sat in my chair and stewed (okay, I admit it, I cried). I thought about forgetting my morning walk, about just sitting there feeling sorry for myself….

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Learnings: Tidying Up to Calm Down?

Turns out mom was right (again). When we were turbulent teens, with raging hormones and even raginger reactions to parental guidance, mom said “Clean your room.” Did she know that tidying up would calm us down? All over the world, guys and gals who want to jive with their inner light make a habit of…

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Take-Away Tip: Get More From Your Corn Flakes

Chew on This The biggest blockade between us and inner peace? I’d say it’s the crazy busy packed lives we lead. But just because we’re busy, doesn’t mean we have to be bonkers. I’ve learned that the day continues the way we start it. Racing through hair, make-up, wardrobe selection and grabbing an energy bar…

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Yoga Insider: Megan Gray

Mom, Yoga Teacher, & Green Living Advocate Company Tread Earth Lightly Yoga Style(s) Hatha (Sivananda Style), Karma Kids Yoga, Meditation, and Postnatal YogaMegan is a Mom, and this role inspires her to help others. A serious yogi who loves to have fun, Megan has found that teaching kids has definitely helped her to see the…

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Stress Buster: Shut Eye

Power to the Pretend Nap Transit gets a bad rap: too noisy, too full, too many smelly people. The list could go on. But, at an Ayur Veda meeting last night, an insightful naturopathic doctor shared his tip for taking on the train (or bus, or skytrain, or trolley). “Say you have four stops to…

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