September, 2008

Yoga Stylistas: Victoria Revay

About VictoriaVictoria is a news writer for CTV. She writes the local news for the 5, 6 and 11:30 shows. When at home or at an event, she’s the Vancouver City Editor for, a national online lifestyles website. Next up: Victoria’s excited to start working with a local designer, helping her promote her product…

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Healthy, Happy: Do What You Love What You Do

From a seminar on the nervous system, with Ayur Vedic master Dr. Varma, Director of the Pacific Centre for Wholistic Living: “Love is the most healing for our nervous system. Choose something to love. Something in your life you can have passion for. But not your wife or your husband. Don’t depend on that person…

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Healthy, Happy (at Work): Top 5 Take-Away Tips

1. One project at a timeYoga teaches us to stay present to stay calm. Translation: little bit here, little bit there, little bit all over the place? Scratch that. If we can do it, we’ll stay saner if we start and finish one project, or at least a specific part of it, before moving on…

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Philosophy: Asteya at BCFW

Lights! Camera! Act like you’re confident! It’s not easy to stay cool when under the heat of the spotlight–even if the spotlight is actually just a revolving mini one at a nightclub-turned-fashion show stage. Last night, at Vancouver’s newest night spot, Pop Opera, local designer Jason Matlo debuted his Spring 09 collection. While Matlo didn’t…

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Philosophy: Stay Present for Peace

Full disclosure: I might be a bit of a control freak. Okay, I’m one of the most plan everything in advance, always be prepared people I know (except a good friend of mine who’ll remain anonymous ;). Did I mention my Style Statement is Tailored Flow? That’s 80% custom-fit, made-for-me, just how I like it-ness….

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Learnings: Yoga at the Dentist

I thought I might throw up. The drill-like noises, the pokey, metal mechanical prongs, the spotlight in my face, the ache in my jaw. It was all too much. I was at the dentist. I know I’m not the only one who despises having a masked man dig around with sharp tools in one of…

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Philosophy: Choose Your Thoughts

“So my yoga teacher says I’m not my mind, and that my thoughts aren’t me either. She’s also mentioned that I can choose which of the hundreds of thoughts in my mind I want to attach to. Uh huh. Right. So how am I supposed to do that, exactly?” It’s no easy thing. When we…

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Inspiration: Dare

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.~ Seneca (Taken from Meditations from the Mat, by Rolf Gates)

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Take-Away Tip: Listen for Peace

Sirens. Shouting. Honking. Motors running. Construction. Radios. So how the H do we find inner peace in all this city noise?! I’ve dreamt of building a soundproof room, with a skylight, big windows, cushions, drapes, yoga mats…ahhhh. Yeah, not gonna happen. But we can use the noise as a tool for peace. No, really. We…

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Take-Away Tip: Softly Does It

Cars: parked and driving; people: walking, running, talking, shouting; animals: barking, cawing, scurrying, hopping. A vibrant melange of life. Or an overwhelming mess. It depends on how we’re feeling: stressed or relaxed. For those days we’re more high strung than chilled out, yoga offers a quick and simple technique for calming our mind, and bringing…

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