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7 reasons why pursuing happiness is the least selfish thing you can do

To be honest… As I sit down all snug-style (cross-legged on my yoga block) to write this, there’s a lil’ bit of underlying tension beneath the surface. I said ‘no’ the other day. And not just any day. Father’s Day. I said ‘no’ to dinner with my in-laws. And they’re fabulous. Like, big-meat-eaters who cook…

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what do to when you feel overwhelmed and want to give up

When you don’t have it all figured out Keep going When you’re afraid of what others will think Keep going When you wonder how you’ll pay the bills Keep going When the light at the end of the tunnel is missing And your best friend says you’re crazy When your husband thinks your nuts And…

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30-day happiness challenge. are you in?

Hello lovely; Do you want a happiness boost? Do you ever look at those people who seem to be happy all the time and wonder how they do it? What do they know that you don’t? First off: Those people who seem to be happy all the time—they’re not. That being said, there are people…

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when it pays to opt out of pursuing excellence

Pursuing Excellence Motivational speakers talk about the bane of mediocrity. High school principals espouse being outstanding. Companies founded by people like Steve Jobs are established on principles of going beyond even what currently exists. And we’re paying attention–maybe too much attention. We look at others who are outstandingly successful and hold them up as examples…

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the two ways to do anything

There are two ways to do anything – getting a job – finding a home – creating a product – launching a business – getting a haircut – you name it Way 1 Do market research. Look at listings. Check ads. Go online and search. Look at what other people have done and choose from…

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creating your world

Everything has an impact. And everything is a choice. How do you want to feel? Apathetic, overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, frazzled… Or lit up, on fire, in charge, empowered, full of joy? Notice what you watch, what you eat –what you let into your life How do you feel when you spend time with those people…

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it is no small thing or selfish thing to pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy

It is no small thing or selfish thing to pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy. It’s your birthright. It’s your purpose. It’s the greatest gift you can give to the world. You are called to live a life of joy. You are destined to be fulfilled and filled-up with love. You are called…

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5 things that heart-centered successful entrepreneurs do

Peace. Ease. Joy. Empowered strength. Waking up with a ‘yes’ already formed on your lips. This day will be AMAZING. This day will be fulfilling, nourishing, REWARDING and the challenge will feel like a challenge, not a problem. Knowing you have all the skills you need, you have the ability, the capacity, and the courage….

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keeping the faith. 5 ways to keep the faith in the face of fear

I dream big. Scratch that. I’m called to act on a scale that is bigger than me. It’s like an ache in my heart that gets louder and achier if I try to ignore it. It’s like a fire in my belly that gets stronger and hotter if I stop paying attention. It keeps me…

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what would you do if money were no object? [inspiring video]

Big love to Cohabitaire for sharing this. L

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