10 inspirational quotes I love


There are tons of inspirational quotes out there. My favorites combine heart and hustle, mind and soul. And help us remember how much of our life is up to us–that we are powerful, creative, authors of our life story.

10 inspirational quotes I love

1. Respect her hustle.

2. You have two choices: you can either throw in the towel, or use it to wipe your face.

3. “You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” Brene Brown

4. “Life when the sun shines should be lived full throttle—soaring.” Jenny Lawson

5. You might not be the best. Do it anyway.

6. Why? Because I can.

7. The more you do it, the more you know that you can.

8. Test it. The trust comes.

9. Action cures fear.

10. Follow your heart. Take your mind with you.

Love Lindsey

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Create brilliance. Without working too hard

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There is a brilliance in the pauses, the quiet moments in our life where something rises up to greet us and surprise us with it’s perfection.

Where the perfect solution to all that we’ve been wondering about presents itself. With ease. With grace.

This post is about how to access that whenever and wherever you need to.

The Challenge

A few weeks ago I was pondering one of my favorite conundrums: how to best serve this particular group? This group are employees at a multi-national firm with offices all over the globe. They have a challenge that’s unique to them: how to navigate a company culture where training new employees by necessity involves telling them all that they’ve done incorrectly? How to keep the staff on board, despite the potentially devastating feedback?

I love a challenge like this. I love thinking of the individuals impacted by this and how they’re experience of their work and themselves might shift if I come up with something powerful for them. I imagine all that’s possible, if anything at all were possible. I see amazing things: happy people, confident people, content and capable people.

And after that, at some point, the verbal part of my mind inevitably comes in with this: “Yeah, but how could you achieve that? How is that possible?”

Here’s what I do

I acknowledge that part of my mind. I thank it for showing up. And I say “I know you can’t imagine this right now. And that’s OK. That’s not your job. You’re role hasn’t come in yet. I’ll let you know when it has.”

Then I surrender to the part of my mind that knows more: the non-verbal part of my brain. The part of my brain that communicates not through language and thought, but through physical sensation.

I surrender to the right side of my brain, too. The part of my brain that’s in charge of creativity.

I consciously let go of needing to find a solution. Of needing to figure out how. And I start to play.

I love this part.

For the group at this firm, I went for a walk. I let my senses pick up on everything around me, I used it all as stimulation. I set my intention to surrender to what knowing and ideas might come if I just relaxed. And did they ever. I needed to speed-walk home to start getting it all on paper.

Each time something occurred to me or rose up in my mind, I entertained it. I dismissed nothing. The image of an apple could lead to a thought train that arrived at a synapse station where a resource or a teaching I could share might be waiting. The word “growth” reminded me of a book with mindset teachings that are just perfect for this group.

Suddenly, by saying “I don’t know the answer yet but I’m sure it will come” and consciously relaxing, I had a fully-fleshed out proposal, with a full-scale training and integration just for them.

Know this

I believe we all have this capacity. It’s biological. Our brain can be utilized this way. And one of the best things I’ve ever done is adopt a “No editing, no judgement” approach when I’m creating something–whether it’s the next chapter in my book or working my way through the creation stages for a corporate training.

Meditation has helped me with this. Every time I sit down to embrace the relief and grace of dropping into peace, I’m training my mind to drop away from the thoughts that can get in the way of creative, powerful ideas.

Once the ideas are in place, I call in the other part of my mind–the left brain and the part that communicates in language and logic. And together, all parts of me join forces to finesse something that will be transformational.

It’s like being carried by a river on the way to the ocean.

Much love,


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They said it couldn’t be done. I did it.

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Pouring my Heart in

I had a book—this beautiful, heart-warming, touching children’s book. (Not the one I’m currently wrapping up.) I wrote this book and poured my heart into it. It was everything I wished for kids to experience and be immersed in.

But, I had no agent. No contacts. No history of working with a book publisher.

And so, they said, “It can’t be done.” The industry has changed. Nobody will read this book. No publisher will even look at it.

I’m not a fan of that kind of thinking. I don’t jive with this idea that certain things just can’t be done.


My Dad grew up on a farm. A real farm. With acres and acres of fields. Cows as far as the eye could see. Three horses. Chickens. A cantankerous bull. His family was miles away from the nearest town.
When the car broke down, you figured out what went wrong—even if you had no idea. And you fixed it—even if you’d never done that before. When the plumbing went on the fritz and there was no hot or even cold water, you opened up the walls, dug holes, explored and looked and eventually figured it out. When the horse broke his leg you found a way to wrap a piece of wood with twine until it healed.

You just did it.

I won’t say that I have this rosy perspective of living that way. But I do give thanks every day for a Dad who demonstrated that no matter what was broken or needed to be figured out, there was always a way.

Staying Lit Up

So I started talking to my friends and family. “I have this book I want to get out into the world.” And they talked about what they knew, who they knew, who might be a good person to talk to. A friend recommended her friend, a mutual acquaintance of mine, too. This friend had worked for a publishing house. I asked her if she had any recommendations.

She suggested a particular publishing house in Toronto. She didn’t have the name of a contact there. I checked them out and of course they ask that you submit to a general submission email address. Which receives over 200 submissions a month.

Instead, I did more research. I found a list of the publisher’s top authors in that genre. I reached out to five of them. Some didn’t reply. Two replied with “Good luck”—that was it. I found an article written by the books editor of a Toronto newspaper; he featured the publishing house I was looking at submitting to. I got in touch with him. He gave me a name. An editor to send my book to.

I sent her an email. Mentioned so-and-so from the newspaper suggested I get in touch. She said: “Send me your book.”

I put the package together and had it on her desk in 48 hours.

Then an email came in from a long-time author of theirs, a guy in his mid-60s. He said “Lindsey, I put in a call to the publishing house. They have your package and will read it.”

End Result: Water can Find a Way Through Rocks

A few months later, I got a reply.

She’d read it. It wasn’t a good fit.

I was sad.

And also elated. She’d read it! Among over 200 submissions a month. In an industry where “Nobody reads it unless you have an agent.” Where “You can’t get an agent unless you’ve been published.”

Where, as I’ve experienced, you can find a way, figure it out, and make your way through. No matter what.

My experience tells me that this works in other areas, too. That it can be more than just a story. It can be a way of life.

Love Lindsey

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