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Rows Of Butterfly Cocoons

What I was Noticing

I recently shared a story about something powerful that happened for me when I first started looking at money. It might serve you for me to share it here.

I kept on noticing the number 108 everywhere. I’ve found it kind of fun to notice numbers and then look them up to see what people say they mean and 108 is consistently associated with God and Abundance. So I got all excited, telling Matt over and over again: “Another 108! Abundance is coming!”

But I didn’t feel abundant. And my bank account didn’t reflect abundant.

What I Did Next

So one day I had a little complaining-talking-moaning to life session where I asked life why I kept seeing all those damn 108s and what the heck did it mean, anyway, damnit?

And I got a very clear reply: “Notice what you already have.”

I had to go lay down after that.

Because the TRUTH of it hit me like a ton of bricks. As I was going around wishing for more and hoping for more I was COMPLETELY missing what I already had. And I had a LOT.


So I stopped seeing 108s as a message that abundance was coming and started asking myself a question each time I saw it: “What is there here to appreciate? What do I have to be thankful for? Where is there abundance in my life already?”

Really and truly stepping into that had an impact on my bank balance. Because when I stopped being so caught up in wanting more and understood how much I already had I could be lighter and more playful and more peaceful in all of my money-related activities. Creating clients. Making proposals. Being willing to risk the ‘no’.

And THAT made a BIG difference in how comfortable people felt around me, which meant the outcome of it all was different: I signed more clients, for a higher rate.

The Trick You Can’t Skip

The trick in telling this story is that if we adopt the message: to really and truly stand in understanding the abundance you already have—we gotta do it from that place and that place alone. Not in the hopes it will improve our bank balance. Because then we’re missing the point completely.

We do it just to do it.

With love, and light ahead,


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marriage advice. because…I’m an expert?

Marriage Advice

When one of my best friends asked for a video submission for her wedding from me and Matt clearly the obvious choice, since we’ve been married a whole three years, was marriage advice.

We are NOT experts in this arena. AND, today is our anniversary. Happy 3 years, handsome!

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It Only Happens Twice A Year. 2.5 Hours of Coaching With Me

double shot lindsey straight ahead and laughing

This opportunity comes only 2x per year.

When fall arrives, I start to think about what’s ahead. I take a step back and up and look at things from a higher perspective.

What am I aiming at?
If anything was possible, what would I create in my life and my work?

My Meltdown

At the end of 2014, I hit a wall. I looked at my money, my dreams, my business and I was no where near where I wanted to be. I’d earned only 10 thousand dollars that year, my business was just poking along, and my dream of writing a book was still a dream. So I got real. I looked at my relationship with my money, my dreams, and my business. My relationship with myself. And I decided to make some changes.

In January of 2016, I had my first 20 thousand dollar month. My business is thriving. And my book is published.

$3,000 Clients + The Royal Family

And it’s rippling out to my clients, too. One of my newer clients signed her first $3,000 client. Another of my clients moved from California to Qatar and started working for the royal family. And yet another of my clients is working on his first album–and living his dream of playing music for money.

Big things can happen fast if you put your mind and heart (and action) to it.

I’m Opening My Calendar

This September, I’m doing something I only do 2 x per year: opening my calendar up for complimentary coaching conversations with me.

During this conversation, we work on big dreams, handling the challenges, and strategizing for the upcoming months AND the future. If something isn’t working in your life, we’ll go for it.

If this is something that will serve you, you’re invited to apply for a conversation with me below.

Before You Apply

This time with me will be complimentary. Take to heart that I only spend time with people who are as committed to their success and dreams as I am. That’s why the application process is in place and I limit the number of conversations like this I put in my calendar. It’s not there as some marketing gimmick. I’m 100 percent in my dedication to my people and I don’t offer this complimentary time with me to just anyone.

Big things can happen when people sit with me. During this coaching conversation, we’ll get into your opportunities, your dreams, your challenges. If something isn’t working for you in your life, we’ll go for it. This kind of conversation isn’t for everyone.

And, note that this call will be 2.5 hours, so if you’d like to do it you’ll need to set aside that much time.

My time is the most valuable thing I can give anyone.

The application form is below. Submitting it gets you in my inbox to be considered for a conversation. Once you submit it, you’ll hear from me. I’ll either let you know what I do won’t serve you, ask you more questions, or schedule your call.

I’m taking applications for a brief period. Applications are due by 5 pm PT Friday, September 23, 2016.



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getting raw and exposed in this post. here’s a story about me you didn’t expect

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On Using Your Intuition in Your Business and Your Life

Ever feel like you just want to slow down and let someone else take over? Read on. Here’s the truth. Yesterday as I was thinking of sending out a message to all of you, I got all plan’ey and master-mind’ey and ‘make things happen’ey. It’s an easy place for me to be. I’ve been a…

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