are your upper level limits holding you back? get more fulfillment, abundance, success and love

I have a hunch this is you…

If you’re reading this, I have a hunch you are someone who dreams of a more fulfilling, free life. Where you feel like you are doing what you love, what fuels your soul. When you think of it, you may also see this life filled with abundance, success and love.

You might also be experiencing this:
Have you been making the same income year after year–with no upswing? Do you feel like each time you ‘get ahead’ or have something good happens, you end up back where you were before? That the positive shift is temporary, or too small to really make a difference?

If you do, I have a hunch you’re in need of a paradigm shift. Because your upper level limits are holding you back.

Do you want more abundance, success and love?

Get ready.

Here’s the bad news: the problem is you.

And here’s the good news: the problem is you.

It was me, too.

The problem was me

I dreamt of a life filled with fulfillment, freedom, abundance, success and love. And reality looked like: 10K in earnings in a year, 7K credit card debt, and struggling to be and do what I wanted to be and do.

Today, I have 10K and 20K months, I do what I choose and what I love, and I catch myself thinking “I can’t believe it can be this good” time after time. That’s what the ‘Thank You’ picture is about—above.

Please know that this wasn’t without work or what felt like really big challenges that I met along the way.

Upper Level Limits

One of the biggest and most recent were spotting and transcending my own Upper Level Limits.

This term is one coined by a powerful coach and teacher named Gay Hendricks. Hendricks teaches that we all have an upper level limit—on the amount of love, abundance or success we’re comfortable receiving. Or feel worthy of.

It can be so strong that when we receive anything—whether it’s an opportunity, a loving partner, or more money—that’s better or more than we are used to, we’ll do something to get back to the limit we’re used to. And comfortable with.

– We might start making more money, but spend an amount that keeps us in debt.
– We might not start making more money at all, because we are unaware that we’re carrying around a misunderstanding that we don’t deserve it.
– We might meet a loving, kind partner—everything we dream of—but find that we pick fights or look for things that might be wrong with this person.
– We might get the job or position of our dreams, and then find that we’re battling colds or being sick all the time.

What do you do about this?

1. Start by stretching. Ask for more money. Go for that position. Take on a side gig that lights you up. Say ‘yes’ to something that feels like it’s happening before you’re ready.

If this feels too big—simply start by imagining doing these things.

2. Listen deep. When you do this, start listening—to the chatter from your mind, your Small Self. If you spot anything like “You can’t do this. You’re not ready. It’s not possible” you’re coming up against your Upper Level Limit.

Underneath all of these is usually a bigger self-doubt: “Do you really deserve this?”

I’m here to tell you that yes, you absolutely do. As you are.

3. When you spot this inside yourself, try this process based on a teaching from USM: “I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that I can’t do this. I forgive myself for judging myself as not ready. I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that it’s not possible.”

Then ask: “What would love say? What’s true?” And listen deep.

What’s true is: You deserve it. All of it. As you are.

For me, it took a commitment to my own personal growth and a steady practice of working through my own upper level limits to shift this. I’m so thankful this is something I do regularly now.

Right now, I’m clearing space in my calendar for conversations about how to do this in your own life. This time with me is complimentary and not for everyone. Big things can happen when people sit with me. Greater fulfillment, freedom, abundance, success and love can result. I don’t offer this to just anyone. If you want to apply, the application form is here. I’m accepting applications until noon PT on Monday, June 19.

With love,


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this is how to go from stuck and overwhelmed to living the life you want


Sometimes, things are hard for a reason: it’s time to head a different direction. I was so inspired by a conversation I had the other day with a woman I’ll call Zara.

She was tired, frustrated, and felt stuck and overwhelmed about what to do next in her life and dream business. She felt like she was constantly pushing herself, always overwhelmed, and not sure what her next step should be. What she really wanted was to feel more at ease, more intuitive, to make clear choices about her next steps. To get where she dreamed of.

“What if it’s the approach you’re taking that’s getting in the way?” I asked her.

Big Ah-has

We talked some more and she had a big aha moment: all of the pushing, striving and only ever thinking of the dream she wanted to realize was actually costing her that dream. It made her feel overwhelmed and unsure and THAT kept her from taking action that would get her there.

Something Different

She’s now exploring a very different way of getting where she wants to go–one that will take her one step at a time towards her dream. I call this Soul Powered Living. Right now, I’m clearing space in my calendar to have conversations about living in this way. If you’d like to be considered for one, you can apply here.

Love Lindsey

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You’re Invited

Lovely you;

I was so inspired by a woman I spoke with last week. In our first conversation, Emma* shared how she was tired all the time, working a lot–sometimes nearly 20 hours straight–longing to spend more time on her dreams, and wishing she could earn more money.

Despite all of that, it was clear to me that Emma had a fierce spirit, a strong sense of what she really wanted, and a strength inside her. During our time together, we talked about what was really driving her to work so hard, and what was getting in the way of her dreams.

Emma experienced a life changing shift.

The next time we spoke, just 5 days later, Emma was a changed person. She had taken time each workday to go for energizing, soul-nourishing walks, had said ‘no’ to work requests that would have meant giving up that time, and as a result had the energy and time to say ‘yes’ to an unexpected request for her services–for more pay, on her own terms.

Woo hoo! I was dancing for her. The shift was so clear.

“I feel like you’re helpng me become like that bird,” she said to me, “The one in the quote about sitting on a branch trusting in her own wings.”

Yup. That’s what it’s all about. Learning this, and strengthening it in my own life has been life changing.

I call this Soul Powered Living. I’m hosting a live, in person intensive with me and a global teleseminar on how to live in this way, and you’re invited.

Note: I’m only accepting 20 women into the in-person intensive, and 10 spaces are already claimed.
Spaces are already filling up.

To learn more and to RSVP you can go here:
1. Click here for more on the in person intensive, Sunday February 19, 2017.
2. Click here for more on the global teleseminar Friday, February 17, 2017.
(If you can’t make the teleseminar, you’ll receive the recording by signing up using the link above.)

Love Lindsey
*name changed for confidentiality

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The Year of Magical Living

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I may have taken my ‘overcoming fear’ self-challenges too far [video]

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