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Lovely you;

I was so inspired by a woman I spoke with last week. In our first conversation, Emma* shared how she was tired all the time, working a lot–sometimes nearly 20 hours straight–longing to spend more time on her dreams, and wishing she could earn more money.

Despite all of that, it was clear to me that Emma had a fierce spirit, a strong sense of what she really wanted, and a strength inside her. During our time together, we talked about what was really driving her to work so hard, and what was getting in the way of her dreams.

Emma experienced a life changing shift.

The next time we spoke, just 5 days later, Emma was a changed person. She had taken time each workday to go for energizing, soul-nourishing walks, had said ‘no’ to work requests that would have meant giving up that time, and as a result had the energy and time to say ‘yes’ to an unexpected request for her services–for more pay, on her own terms.

Woo hoo! I was dancing for her. The shift was so clear.

“I feel like you’re helpng me become like that bird,” she said to me, “The one in the quote about sitting on a branch trusting in her own wings.”

Yup. That’s what it’s all about. Learning this, and strengthening it in my own life has been life changing.

I call this Soul Powered Living. I’m hosting a live, in person intensive with me and a global teleseminar on how to live in this way, and you’re invited.

Note: I’m only accepting 20 women into the in-person intensive, and 10 spaces are already claimed.
Spaces are already filling up.

To learn more and to RSVP you can go here:
1. Click here for more on the in person intensive, Sunday February 19, 2017.
2. Click here for more on the global teleseminar Friday, February 17, 2017.
(If you can’t make the teleseminar, you’ll receive the recording by signing up using the link above.)

Love Lindsey
*name changed for confidentiality

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The Year of Magical Living

If you look closely at this photo you can see me standing at the edge of the water. Guess what I’m doing?

I’m setting fierce and gentle intentions, and declaring them to the universe. It’s something I love to do when a new year comes along.


Since we’re always co-creating our lives, chances of getting what we truly desire and what lights us up to the core of our being are higher when we take some time to let life know.

Last year, I decided to explore European Living, having more fun, and opening myself wide up to blessings and miracles. I won’t say it was all a beautiful, easy ride. I had my ‘head under the covers, not coming out, ready to quit’ moments.


And, at the end of the year, I realized some pretty amazing stuff had happened:

1. I went on two super fun trips–to LA with my sister and to Seattle with my husband–and I foot the bill for a big chunk of the expenses. I LOVED getting to do this.

2. I hired a consultant to help me rock my book dreams. We’ve had some really cool things happen.

3. I started having 20K months.

4. I spent time during work days at coffee shops, hanging out with friends, and taking myself on adventures–this is the European Living part!

5. During one of my ‘head under the covers, not coming out, ready to quit’ moments I said ‘God, what do I do?’ and I got the answer loud and clear: ‘STAY THE COURSE.’


As I stood at the edge of the ocean setting my intentions for 2017, I held a rock representing each one in my hand. And as I released it into the ocean, I said “In 2017 I will…”

– Surrender

– Follow my joy

– Not suck the joy out

– Count my blessings

– Co-create with Life and the Universe

This is my Year of Magical Living. I can’t wait!

Wanna join me?

I’ll be sharing details on a complimentary in-person workshop and tele-seminar coming up soon to everyone on this list. Don’t wanna miss out? Sign up here.

Love Lindsey

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I may have taken my ‘overcoming fear’ self-challenges too far [video]


I’ve got a thing for facing my fear.

But don’t think I’m doing the SkyJump in Vegas, or skiing The Coffin at Whistler-Blackcomb. I’m riding the bus. Going sailing. Answering the door.

Doing regular things that cause me anxiety or make me worry–a friendlier name for fear.

Over the years, I’ve experienced a dramatic shift in how I handle life. I no longer “handle” life. I love it. I am thriving. And it’s new enough that it still feels unexpected. Different.

Two things have been life changing:

1. Becoming aware of my own thinking
2. Learning to laugh at it

Just ‘cos I’m thriving doesn’t mean I don’t get anxious, that I have eradicated anything other than positive, uplifting thoughts. Ha. That makes me laugh.

This is Who I am

I’m the girl who considered standing up on the bus an adrenaline-fueled activity. Who, when asked by a prospective boyfriend what she liked to do outside of work, responded with “I read a lot.” Who secretly took an Ativan each evening on her first sailing trip.

I’m now the woman who considers skiing black diamond runs–except for The Coffin–an adrenaline-fueled activity. Who said ‘yes’ to getting up in front of 1,000 people. Who slept without Ativan the last time she went sailing.

And what has changed the most is my relationship with fear and worry–my own inner anxious thinking.

This is What Laughter Does

Now, I can laugh at it.

And this has been so life changing, so radiantly impactful, that I felt compelled to take my ‘F fear’ self-challenges one step further. I signed up for a stand-up comedy class. That culminates with performing live on stage at Yuk Yuk’s in Vancouver. Waaat.

As soon as I made the payment to register my brain hit the fan. My inner anxious woman went beserk. She was freaking out. “What the h did you just do?! Why did you do that?! You’re not even funny!” And that last one felt like the biggie. You can see a picture of my face in that moment on both my facebook pages–and instagram. I figured if I posted about it, it would up the ‘face my fear’ factor–because I wouldn’t be able to back out.

And I don’t care.

This feels important. My Higher Self says ‘Oh heck, yes. I’m all in.’

So I’m gonna do it.

When I told my mom about it she laughed, told me to go for it, and then said “You better get started.” The class doesn’t start until January. I have 11 pages of what might be material. Because, like I said to my mom, “I know. Because everyone else in the class will be … funny!”

The Life Changing Impact of Laughing at Ourselves

I’m applying to speak at PowHERtalks about The Life Changing Impact of Laughing at Ourselves.

Here’s what I had to say about it:

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I Am Not a Dancer, But I Will Dance

I am Uncoordinated and Envious In high school I had good “friend” who was da bomb at dancing. I put “friend” in quotation marks so you know she wasn’t what I’d call a true friend these days—she was better at insults disguised as “I’m only telling you because I care” comments than she was at…

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behind the scenes is another story. what really happened on that call

Behind The Scenes Behind the scenes is another story. You know what I love? Telling people what really goes on. Cos’ I like people to know that I don’t have it all figured out. Also, it makes me feel a bit like I’m running my own reality show. And I always wanted to be on…

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