Balancing the Doing and the Being

I love lots of things. I love doing lots of things.

It can be a problem.

Because part of me is always dreaming of more, imagining more, and going “I wonder what it would be like to try ______. I bet it would be SO MUCH FUN!” It usually is.


Lately, I’ve been leaning into scheduling in Recovery Time. Because without a balance between the Doing and the Being, there’s no Being left. There’s just a shell of me, going “How the H did I end up here again–exhausted and worn out by the things that were bringing me joy?”

Exploring balancing the Being with the Doing is changing the richness of my days, the amount I appreciate the things I do get to do, and tapping me back in to being Radically Present.


I add in Recovery Time, or Being Time, after a morning spent taking care of myself, my baby, getting ready for work, getting our home set-up for the nanny, and making sure everything that needs to be communicated happens.

Before I kick off the next part of my day, I pause.

I take a few deep breaths. I put my feet up and lean back in my chair. And I consider how great things are.

I add in Being Time at the end of the day. I lay out my yoga mat or splay out on the carpet and surrender to gravity. I move and breathe and open my hips. I twist. I sit cross-legged. I feel my body. My breath. The moment I’m in. I rest.


Sometimes I add in Being Time to the middle of the afternoon. I might take fifteen minutes to sit at a cafe and drink a Roiboos Chai Latte and watch the people.

Being Time doesn’t have to be hours long. Though don’t get me wrong, I schedule that, too. Hello, spa massage. Being Time can be a few minutes.

And those few minutes can be a reminder of the Why behind my actions, the Purpose behind the busy, and re-ignite the Joy inside my Soul.

With love,


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How to Hear From a Kick-Ass Wise Woman: You

Do you ever wish you could ask for advice from someone who knows you better than anyone? Me too. I’m doing new and unexpected things so damn often that I nearly always think “I wish someone could guide me here.” Then I ask the very best person to do that: me. 


Except: I ask the powerful me-five-years-from-now version of me.

And she has the BEST insight. Want to know how to do this for yourself?

Here’s what I do:

1. I invite in the me that I envision five years from now. The me that is even more powerful, that has grown even more, learned even more, landed in herself even more. I really see her in the room. I feel her presence. She is so.damn.strong.

2. I get my journal and my pen.

3. I ask my Powerful Self “What message do you have for me today?”

4. I write it down.

Simple, right?

Don’t be deceived into thinking that because it looks simple it’s not powerful. Test it out for yourself and see.

Also: sometimes I ask for guidance around specific things. My podcast. My coaching. My creative projects. My Powerful Self has never lead me astray.

She says things like:
Stay the course.
Be in your loving.
Don’t make it about you.
Stay present.
Live each moment.

And also:
You gotta get that handled, girl. Start listening more.

She doesn’t hold back, that Powerful Self of mine.

If it needs speaking, she speaks it.

If it needs loving, she gives it.

And she never lets me see myself as less.

After all, I got where she is, didn’t I? ; )

Love Lindsey

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I Started Being Radically Present and it Changed Everything

Do you ever feel like you are in the room with someone you love, but not really in the room with someone you love? I felt that way a LOT. Like my mind was always on the next thing.

Tomorrow. A month from now. Next year.

My life was passing me by. I wasn’t living it. I wasn’t even IN it.

Matt, my husband, would come in the door at the end of his day and ask “How was your day?” and I’d say “It’s not done yet.”

Or I’d go see him for a chiropractic treatment and he’d ask me how I was feeling and I was like I don’t know, I’m busy doing all of this THINKING.

Thinking about what I was going to do after my appointment. Thinking about what I would do tomorrow. Thinking thinking thinking.

I said to my coach “I’m so caught up in thinking about what I want to do and where I want to get to that I feel like I’m never here.”

“Yup,” she said.

So I took on my own challenge to work with my mind to stay present. Radically present.

This didn’t happen with force. It happened with love.

I think Life was waiting for me to land here. Life was looking at me and going “It’s time, love. It’s time to begin to experience life now.”

I kept being gifted over and over with the mind-wheeling dawning that THERE IS NO FUTURE. 30 minutes from now does not exist. There is only now. And then now. And now again.

30 minutes from now is a concept. Not a reality.

The only experience is now. And now. And now.

In a book I’m reading, a fictional novel called A Tale for the Time Being, one of the protagonists considers a spiritual teaching that encourages us to:

Wake up now!
And now!
And now!

Whenever I caught myself going to the worry, the anticipating, the “I need to keep thinking about tomorrow, and the next day” I would remember

Wake up now!
And now!
And now!

and I did.

Something magical happened. I looked around and realized: I am LIVING the LIFE I HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT.

I knew I had reached my goals. I knew I had done what I said I wanted to.

What I realized was that I was experiencing in real-time a vision I’d had for life since I was a little girl. That dream has come true. I can’t quite explain the physical feeling–something like gratitude, awe and thunderstruck–that came when I understood what is right in front of me.

Or how it has continued.

But here’s some of what’s happening as a result:
When Matt comes home from work I squeeze him and say “How was your day?”
Sometimes I look at him and go “You’re amazing.”
When I go see him for a chiropractic treatment and he asks how I’m feeling I have a long answer.
I sleep better.
I experience more calm, more beauty, more abundance.
I look around and see vitality–a Spirit in each thing around me.

There’s more. And more to come.

In my experience, growth is exponential.


Here’s to now.

And now!
And now!

With love,


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