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Learnings: Feelin’ Good

Ugh. I was tired, tired, tired. It had been a late night. We’d been in the car for over four hours that morning, and had an hour and a half still to go before we could crawl into our beds. Energetic, happy, chipper? Not so much. We were stuck in stop-and-go construction traffic. The drive…

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Learnings: Cel-e-brate Good Times, Come On!

You know that song? “There’s a party going on right here.A celebration to last throughout the years…” It’s in my head right now. Because I had what could have turned into a very stressful day the other week. My computer broke down. I work from home. I had deadlines looming. First reaction: panic. Heart starts…

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Learnings: Projections

Wow. Everyone is in a good mood today. Smiles are lighting up faces, walks are peppy, and hearts are open. My morning walk was packed with people full of sunshine. Contrast to yesterday’s walk: downturned faces, hurried steps, hunched shoulders. So what gives? Why the big contrast? The sun was shining yesterday. It shines today….

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Learnings: Noise

Noise. It’s the bane of my existence. I’ve always identified as a highly sensitive person, as defined by Psychologist Elaine N. Aron. Apparently about 20% of the population, and most “higher animals” are. It’s no big thing, nothing that makes us special, just more sensitive. Touch is more intense. Tastes and smells are stronger. And,…

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Learnings: First Appearances

There is a grumpy older man, a building manager I think, who walks around the blocks near my building in the morning. He has the deepest scowl I have ever seen: his chin juts out, the corners of his mouth droop, his eyebrows knit together. I usually slip by as small as possible. Except this…

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