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Learnings: Mantras

What’s Yours? “I’m so stressed.” “I’m too busy.” “I don’t have enough money.” “There’s not enough time in the day.” They’ve all been mine, at one time or another. At the time, I didn’t realize how strong those suckers were, or how they were pirating my life. Then, one day during teacher training, Gloria Latham,…

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Learnings: Lumps and Bumps

What a Cancer Scare Taught Me “Mom? I found a lump in my armpit.” Lucky for me, I have one of the most sensible moms on the planet, who also happens to know a lot about medical care–and a lot about the way my brain works. “It’s probably just a cyst. I know that Grandma…

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Learnings: Still Learning

The Perfection of Imperfection Full disclosure: I’m super tired today. Competely exhausted, in fact. We had a fight last night. Me and my love. (He really is, despite it all.) We still haven’t made up. So this morning I’m sitting trying to come up with something positive, something “yogic”. And I can’t. So I sat….

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Learnings: Buddha Body, Yoga Body

Sticking it to Stereotypes The teacher wasn’t slim or trim. He didn’t look particularly strong, or flexible. We looked at him and thought “He’s the teacher?!” He had a Buddha belly. The Vinyasa flow started. In about 2 seconds flat, we were making damn sure we exhaled completely–to let go of the irritation. We were…

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Philosophy: Stay Present for Peace

Full disclosure: I might be a bit of a control freak. Okay, I’m one of the most plan everything in advance, always be prepared people I know (except a good friend of mine who’ll remain anonymous ;). Did I mention my Style Statement is Tailored Flow? That’s 80% custom-fit, made-for-me, just how I like it-ness….

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Learnings: Yoga at the Dentist

I thought I might throw up. The drill-like noises, the pokey, metal mechanical prongs, the spotlight in my face, the ache in my jaw. It was all too much. I was at the dentist. I know I’m not the only one who despises having a masked man dig around with sharp tools in one of…

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Learnings: Listen In

I finally listened. My poor body had been repeatedly asking for rest (you’d think a fever, swollen glands, and a stuffed-up head would get the message across) and I’d been repeatedly ignoring it. I abhor being sick. I adore being active, getting out there, teaching, practicing, riding my bike, hiking, walking the seawall. I actually…

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Learnings: Weekend to End Breast Cancer

The distractions were everywhere: music from stereos, cheering from behind, the massage lady hollering out names of next-in-lines. Exciting and fun? Absolutely. Calming and centering? Not so much. I bet even my fave breathe-and-flow teacher, the inspirational Max Strom, would have been challenged. But this wasn’t a yoga studio. This was the Weekend to End…

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Learnings: Ayur Veda All the Way

I’ve just started seeing a great Ayur Vedic doc, based out of Kitsilano. If you’re frustrated with your other doc’s lack of preventative action or holistic health focus, I’ve found Ayur Veda to be the solution. A Woman’s Best Medicine is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more before anteing up. OrPacific Institute…

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Learnings: Risk and Reward

I have a new friend. He used to be this terribly grumpy older man, stomping around the blocks near my apartment, with the deepest scowl I’ve ever seen. I avoided him. Then, one day, I decided to send him some love through a great big, dopey smile and chipper “Good morning!” He turned into a…

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