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Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity [vid]

Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s TEDtalk on creativity. Your creative self is gonna love this!

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5 Q’s with Gurmukh: rapid Kundalini yoga, why the white, and on compassion

She’s powerful, she’s inspiring, she’s potentially life-changing. 5 questions with Kundalini yogini to the stars Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. 1. What’s the magic behind Kundalini yoga? What makes it so effective in terms of personal growth and spiritual evolution? The magic of Kundalini Yoga is that it works fast. In this world where people are being…

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5 Qs with Gloria Latham: Kundalini yoga, yoga for every body, intensity [vid]

Five questions with Gloria Latham, Kundalini yoga supa-stah, and co-founder of Semperviva Yoga. 1. You’re known for your real-life approach to yoga, and making yoga accessible. Can you talk about why this is important to you? The level of stress in our modern day lives is staggering. We often neglect our physical, emotional, and mental…

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in pursuit of truth: 5 yoga tips for tapping into your heart centre, for

Is it okay to just be okay? Is it enough to just feel sorta happy? Maybe mostly content?As readers of my blog know, lately I’ve been considering the concept of Truth—or, Satya, as it’s known in Sanskrit. Truth is one of my words for 2010, along with Let and Love (inspired by White Hot Truth…

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Semperviva’s Gloria Latham on work as play, and a kick-start to a dream

SEMPERVIVA YOGA CO-FOUNDER, DIRECTOR OF YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, MOM Who am I? Quite simply someone who is ridiculously passionate about yoga, and very eager to share that passion. Plus a proud mother of two beautiful girls. I am very fortunate that my work is something I love. I don’t have a distinction between work and…

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Thinking Like Crazy For Peace in Meditation

Maxed Out MorningsMornings are made for making the best of. (I can already here a few of my friends groan and reply “No, they are made for taking rest–as in sleeping in”.) But I just can’t do it; sleep in, that is. I adore this peaceful time of day, when the air is fresh, the…

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