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too busy to feel at ease? finding freedom and peace within structure and nutty schedules

So I used to think freedom and ease could only be found on vacation. I used to think it could only be found at rest. How could anybody be really busy–working a lot, going out a lot, seeing friends and family a lot, and getting their exercise in, too—and possibly feel that sense of deep…

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the purpose of play: or, why children really know how get things done

Here’s something to really throw some of us for a loop: locking down our innate nature and tendency towards freedom and flow–as in the standard 9-5 office setting or high school classroom, or, as in my own life, the 12-hour-day entrepreneurial workweek–actually works AGAINST our ability to learn and produce. Let’s combine two things: 1….

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The Freedom of Fear

Yes. Dive into it. Explore it. What does fear feel like to you? Like a shot to the back of the head that nearly blinds you…or maybe like being held under water while you desperately scramble to come up? That’s what fear used to feel like to me. And I should know; I felt it…

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3 ‘You Deserve It’ 40% off Scholarship Spots Open for Revitalized Woman Weekend Retreat

We want to give you a getaway that’s more than a getaway. We’re offering: 3 ‘You Deserve It’ spaces at the Revitalized Woman Weekend Retreat—for 40% off. That’s 40% off the private accommodation price! All you need to do to be considered is answer this question in under 100 words: “Why do you need a…

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Overwhelmed? 10 Yoga + Mindfulness Tools. Go From Frazzled to Fine

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. Sometimes all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you have relatively few responsibilities or a ton of them. Whether you’re a full-time professional or stay-at-home-mom—or both. Overwhelm is subjective, just like stress and anxiety. What one person finds exciting or challenging, another can find, frankly, cause for a freak-out. Luckily,…

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attention high achievers. ever feel overwhelmed + confused? kinda stuck? how to tap your instincts + get back in the flow

Here’s some kickers that might ring true for you: You’ve got to make lists, set deadlines, map it out, make it happen. Aint nothin’ gonna go down unless it’s in your daytimer/Blackberry/iPhone. I what? Exactly. Where’s the ‘I’ in all of that? Or rather, where’s the ‘you’? You’ve got the master plan. You’ve got the…

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you’ve got the power: 5 practical ways to tap into your intuition

RANDOM RUN-INS WITH NOT-SO-RANDOM INSIGHTS I was sick of being tired, and tired of being sick. I had scored my dream job–assistant editor at a top-earning Canadian magazine. It wasn’t all I’d dreamt it would be. Scratch that. It was all I’d dreamt it would be, it just didn’t feel like a dream. I wasn’t…

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there is a burning in my soul

There is a burning in my soul. This fire is fuelled by a part of me I cannot control. It’s a calling. It’s a life force. It’s my dharma. It fuels my everyday breath. It wakes me in the morning, with a ‘yes!’ It wakes me in the middle of the night with lists to…

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we all have darkness. it helps us see the light

“Not me, I’m not angry.” “Not me, I’m not vulnerable.” “Not me, I’m not insecure.” How many times do we tell ourselves this? Are you answering, “Not me, never?” I spent a lot of my life telling myself, and sometimes other people, these things. Of course, that meant I was riddled with these qualities. Pop!…

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newness needs space: 5 things worth letting go of

Newness needs space. When we decide to take on something, add something, or become something, in order to truly live this, we’ve gotta decide what to let go of. Bonus: we can release what doesn’t serve us, what’s been holding us back, or keeping us down. And the day came when the risk to remain…

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