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I Started Being Radically Present and it Changed Everything

I’M NOT REALLY HERE Do you ever feel like you are in the room with someone you love, but not really in the room with someone you love? I felt that way a LOT. Like my mind was always on the next thing. Tomorrow. A month from now. Next year. My life was passing me…

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are your upper level limits holding you back? get more fulfillment, abundance, success and love

I have a hunch this is you… If you’re reading this, I have a hunch you are someone who dreams of a more fulfilling, free life. Where you feel like you are doing what you love, what fuels your soul. When you think of it, you may also see this life filled with abundance, success…

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this is how to go from stuck and overwhelmed to living the life you want

Truth Sometimes, things are hard for a reason: it’s time to head a different direction. I was so inspired by a conversation I had the other day with a woman I’ll call Zara. She was tired, frustrated, and felt stuck and overwhelmed about what to do next in her life and dream business. She felt…

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You’re Invited

Lovely you; I was so inspired by a woman I spoke with last week. In our first conversation, Emma* shared how she was tired all the time, working a lot–sometimes nearly 20 hours straight–longing to spend more time on her dreams, and wishing she could earn more money. Despite all of that, it was clear…

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The Year of Magical Living

If you look closely at this photo you can see me standing at the edge of the water. Guess what I’m doing? I’m setting fierce and gentle intentions, and declaring them to the universe. It’s something I love to do when a new year comes along. CO-CREATING Since we’re always co-creating our lives, chances of…

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On Ducks. And How They Help me be a Better Speaker

Look out. There’s unvarnished truth in here. No pretending. Just honesty. Cos’ it’s one thing to talk all about what we know, and what we’ve got figured out. It’s another thing to say “Hey, sometimes I’m a mess, too.” I had a speaking gig the other night. At a big-ass yoga studio. In front of…

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weekly inspiration. crow feeding a hungry dog

Inspirational Video Here’s this week’s inspirational video. Check out this warm-hearted crow feeding treats to a dog. Did this inspirational video make a difference in your day? Share it with someone else. Let’s light each other up. Big love, L

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it is no small thing or selfish thing to pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy

It is no small thing or selfish thing to pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy. It’s your birthright. It’s your purpose. It’s the greatest gift you can give to the world. You are called to live a life of joy. You are destined to be fulfilled and filled-up with love. You are called…

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rise. and shine.

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healing your money story

What’s your money story? Here’s the one I grew up with: You need to work hard hard hard in order to make a living. Work is work, and that is that, and it’s not related to your dreams or dharma or destiny. What should always come first are these three things: stability, a pension when…

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