January, 2009

Yoga Tops for Top Athletes

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;ABC.com reports that top athletes are turning to yoga to improve their game. Related links:Yoga Better than Drugs for IBSYoga: Doctor’s Orders

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Yoga Day USA: Top 10 Reasons to Try it

Tomorrow is Yoga Day in the USA!Free yoga, workshops, and plain ol’ good times for any body. Check out their Top 10 reasons to do yoga. Go here to find events near you.

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Top 20 YouTube Yoga Videos

Waylon Lewis of the Huffington Post searched through the “bikini-clad Hooters girls” (his words) doing yoga online, and created a list of the Top 20 real-deal yoga videos on YouTube. Top of list? Seane Corn. If you liked this post you might enjoy:Top 10 Yoga DVDsFree Online Yoga

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Darla Brown of ShareYoga.com on The Law of Attraction and Eckhart Tolle

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;About DarlaYoga Entrepreneur and Founder of ShareYoga.comYoga Styles Most types of Hatha yoga, especially Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. But also non-physical types of yoga like Karma Yoga and others. The founder of ShareYoga.com, an online retail store specializing in yoga clothing and products, and the Share Yoga blog, with info, news, and community…

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Yoga Better Than Drugs for IBS

Check this out: Guardian.co UK reports that a recent study found that yoga was a better treatment for irritable bowel syndrome than drugs. “A small study looked at 22 men with irritable bowel syndrome.[1] It compared drug treatment for diarrhoea (loperamide) with yoga. Both treatments reduced symptoms, but the people practising yoga showed slightly more…

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YotoBags: Stylish, Socially-Conscious Yoga Totes

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;When fashion meets functionality, we’re happy. When fashion and functionality meet being of service to others, we’re thrilled. And when it all comes together as something useful we can buy, sans guilty conscience, we’re ecstatic. So we love the Lisa yoga tote from Southern Cali’s YotoBags. This pretty carryall holds our mat, and…

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Warrior III and Life: Take the Easy Way Out (Seriously!)

On the matThis morning as I was practicing I remembered something I’d forgotten. The power of the mind. I guess the mind’s so powerful that it can even convince us to forget that it is! There I am in Warrior III, wobbling and tipping (and cursing), and my mind is going “Well, hey, of course…

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Uma Thurman Hearts Yoga

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’; Even celebs get the in-the-air blues. Apparently, Ms. Uma Thurman, she of the angular cheekbones and much-raved-about acting chops, launched into some asanas on a recent flight from New York’s JFK airport to Utah’s Salt Lake City. What are your favourite ways to limber up during a long flight? If you liked…

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Stress Buster: Workshops Coming Up

The Reality of Relaxation quote is pretty much the basis of my entire yoga practice and teachings: classes and workshops. At the Stress Busters for Students workshop I did at UBC for peer advisors, we learned yogic tools and techniques for tapping into the relaxation that is always there. We’ll be booking a second one,…

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Inspiration: The Reality of Relaxation

addthis_pub = ‘JoyForLife’;“Peace of mind is not a rare and exotic flower that only blooms on deserted islands or on top of mountains. You don’t have to travel far and wide to find it. Relaxation is actually a native plant that grows in your own backyard.”– from The Art of Doing Nothing If you liked…

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